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February 2019

by Mike Burgett

February 12, 2019 Dear Prayer Partner, A Good Christmas Season God gave us a good Christmas Season. God blessed us with over 40 in both of our main Christmas services. As usual, a good number of lost people attended our various Christmas services. Pray for God to work in the hearts of the lost who […]

June 2015

by Mike Burgett

June 30, 2015 Dear Prayer Partners, Mission’s Emphasis Recently, we’ve been trying to emphasize the importance of missions at Agape Bible Baptist Church. Each Sunday we read a missionary prayer letter and pray for them and their ministry. In May, the Iries (missionaries to Indonesia) and the Sakais (missionaries to Taiwan) visited our church and […]

March 2014

by Mike Burgett

March 7, 2014 Dear Prayer Partners, Christmas Blessings The Christmas season gives us a wonderful opportunity to tell the Japanese about Christ our Savior, whose birth we celebrate. Japanese religions are based on myths, not historical events. Many Japanese are surprised to learn that Jesus was a real historical man who actually lived on this […]

July 2010

by Mike Burgett

Spring Camps May 3-5 was our Nationwide Youth Camp. 4 young men & I joined the many young people who attended Youth Camp. Pastor Irie (an MK who grew up in Indonesia) did a great job preaching and many of the young people responded. At the same time, 4 churches held a joint Children’s Camp. […]

April 2010

by Mike Burgett

Spring Cherry Blossoms Winter was long and cold and brought with it lots of snow, but spring has finally come to our part of Japan. Spring brings with it cherry trees wrapped in beautiful pink cherry blossoms. During this time, many Japanese go sit under the cherry trees, eat their picnic lunches, and look at […]