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A Special Prayer Request

by Mike Burgett

March 29, 2017 Dear Prayer Partner, We Still Need More Space As we’ve mentioned before, we are consistently averaging 40 plus in our services. This is a tight squeeze for our current meeting space (900 sq. ft.). We are thankful for this problem, but it is hampering our growth and keeping us from expanding the […]

November 2011

by Mike Burgett

Our Hope in Christ “Our Hope in Christ” was our theme for this year’s fall evangelistic meeting. What a great time of fellowship we had with Pastor Kitaoka and his dear wife. Pastor Kitaoka was saved at our work in Makuhari, soon after we arrived in 1986. A year later, he surrendered to preach, quit […]

October 2010

by Mike Burgett

Our Fall Evangelistic Meeting We held our Fall Evangelistic Meeting during the last weekend of September. Our theme this year was “My Best Friend” (referring to Jesus, a friend of sinners). Pastor Kamiyama, who pastors Makuhari Bible Baptist Church (where we worked until 2003), was our guest speaker. We thank the Lord for the 8 […]